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Art Across Times and Places – Video

The timeless influence of Art

SEEfest hosted a discussion about the intersection of art, architecture, and diverse cultural traditions paying homage to the avant-garde art movement from the 1920s, a nod to the trailblazer of his day, Kazimir Malevich, and his geometric abstract art.

The late Zaha Hadid, Iraqi-born architect of world-renown, famously spoke about the influence of Malevich on her work.

The SEEfest panel explored how art across different time periods and places continues to influence and inspire us today, and how creative connections are made between different art movements, diverse perspectives, and seemingly unrelated works of art and artists.

The SEEfest panel includes:

Ivo Venkov, Los Angeles based Bulgarian-American visual artist, architect, musician, and filmmaker. He founded PAA studio in 1992 as a multidisciplinary art collaborative

Alessandra Moctezuma, Artist, Curator, Professor of Fine Arts, Museum Studies, and Gallery Director at San Diego Mesa College

Lelei LeLaulu, development entrepreneur; the Mundo Maya Sustainable Tourism project he launched with National Geographic and US AID used archeology as a tool to give indigenous communities access to their architectural and cultural heritage, secured a fragile peace, trained female PhDs, and gave people sustainable livelihoods

Vera Mijojlić, Moderator; founded the South East European Film Festival in Los Angeles (SEEfest). She began as a journalist and film critic in former Yugoslavia.