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The Frontier Café – Conversation with Daylyn Paul

Working in a Post-Covid Film Industry

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In this episode of Frontier Cafe, host Milan Zivkovic spoke with fellow CSULB alum Daylyn Paul, a writer and filmmaker based out of Los Angeles. Recorded at Aroma Cafe in Los Angeles, Daylyn and Milan discuss working in a post-Covid film industry, historical representation in films, and how writers function in various productions. We hope you enjoy this discussion between two peers branching into different paths!

About The Guest

Daylyn Paul is a director and writer based out of Los Angeles. A graduate of California State University Long Beach and a recipient of the HFPA directing and writing grant, Daylyn has over eight years of experience in the entertainment industry. She currently works at CBS and ABC as a production assistant. Her previous works include the short film Nothing There Sings (2019) and the TV movie Suggestion Box (2019). Additionally, Daylyn was a casting assistant for the 2019 short film Flawless. She also works as a writer for an Amazon podcast set to release later in 2022.

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SEEfest 2021: Conversations with Filmmakers – Video

Excerpts of Conversations with Filmmakers featured at #SEEfest2021

With filmmakers Marko Dješka, Nicolas Iordanou and Sylvia Nicolaides, Kata Gugić, and Elka Nikolova.

1. ALL THOSE SENSATIONS IN MY BELLY short animation trailer 
While transitioning gender from male to female, Matia struggles to find a genuine, intimate relationship with a heterosexual man.

Filmmaker: Marko Dješka
Interviewer: Casey Shuttuck, intern;

2. AMALGAMATIONshort documentary trailer
A soulful portrait of a female choir revisiting traditional songs in a contemporary way, bridging past and present, with a strong voice and deep sense of community and friendship.

Filmmakers: Nicolas Iordanou and Sylvia Nicolaides
Interviewer: Daylyn Paul, intern

3. COCKPERAshort animation trailer
This short opera is inspired by Aesop’s fable The Fighting Cocks and the Eagle.

Filmmaker: Kata Gugić
Interviewer: Casey Shuttuck, intern

A documentary film about the legacy of the Holocaust in the Balkans, as seen through the eyes, and conflicting memories, of three Bulgarian Jewish survivors in New York.
Filmmaker: Elka Nikolova
Interviewer: Lauren Brown, associate programmer


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