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SEEfest Project Accelerator Alumna selected for First Films First at the Berlin Film Festival

Vera Mijojlic | February 10, 2017, 7:00 PM
At the 2016 SEEfest Accelerator, young Turkish filmmaker Derya Durmaz presented her project for a feature film entitled The Bus to Amerika. This February her project is among only 8 selected for the 2017 First Films First at the Berlin Film Festival. The program was conceived by the Goethe-Institut as a Young Directors´ Academy, aimed at supporting young Southeast European film directors to develop their first feature-length fiction film. We are so happy for Derya and congratulate her on this success!

“After taking the great 1st step at SEEfest, thanks to the great program you put together The Bus to Amerika went on to be selected for a number of international co-production markets and programs,” says Derya. “The project also received development grant from the German Turkish Co-production Development Fund. Now it is selected for the Berlinale Talent Project Market, and is one of 3 projects nominated for the VFF Talent Highlight Award (German copyright agency for film and TV producers)! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for providing me with a good start.”

And we hope to see you again at SEEfest, and to show your film!






Submissions for the 2017 Accelerator Program for Film Projects in Development are open until March 26. To request detailed guidelines for the Accelerator program, email us at [email protected].