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“Waiting for August” Romanian Film in U.S. Theaters

SEEfest Staff Writer | October 6, 2014, 1:01 PM


We are excited to announce the Romanian documentary “Waiting for August,” directed by Teodora Ana Mihai, has landed limited theatrical distribution in the States!

The film won Best Documentary at Karlovy Vary and Best International Feature Documentary at HotDocs.


The synopsis reads:

Georgiana Halmac turns 15 this winter. She lives with her six brothers and sisters in a social housing condo on the outskirts of Bacau, Romania. Their mother Liliana was forced to leave her family behind to go to waiting for augustTurin, Italy, to earn money. She won’t be back before summer. During their mother’s absence, Georgiana has been catapulted into the role of head of the family, responsible for her siblings. Her adolescence is cut brutally short.

Caught between puberty and responsibility, Georgiana moves ahead, improvising as she goes. Phone conversations with her mom are her only guidelines. Intimate scenes from the daily life of the seven siblings show us – in an uncensored, fly-on-the-wall style – how real events are experienced and interpreted with great imagination by the children.

The film will be distributed by Rise and Shine and will be playing at Laemmle theaters until October 9th.

To see show times and purchase tickets click, here.


To learn more about the film visit the following websites:







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