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Review – Glass Onion

Set in Greece, Rian Johnson’s slick whodunnit is a repudiation of the tech craze, influencer culture, class privilege, and American hegemony abroad. Warning: Contains Spoilers for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery By Vanessa Bloom “I like the glass onion, as a metaphor. An object that seems densely layered, but in reality, the center is […] Read more

Review – Živa (The Death of the Goddess Živa)

Liquid Eco-Aisthēsis: Elemental Sensorium and Femininity in Živa Essay by Maja Manojlovic Živa (2022), a short experimental film by Nataša Prosenc Stearns, unfolds in nine scenes, each characterized by the prominence of one of the natural elements. However, just as our planet and bodies are primarily composed of water, so does its liquid, wavy fluidity […] Read more

Review – Pueblo Espíritu

Pueblo Espíritu, a mesmerizing wordless multimedia performance by Organización Secreta Teatro, invites audiences to explore a post-apocalyptic world infused with spiritual power. Don’t miss this captivating journey through physical, social, and spiritual boundaries Read more

Review – I Do Not Take My Name for Granted

I Do Not Take My Name for Granted: Four Short films by Saodat Ismailova Reviewed by Amanda L. Andrei March 6, 2023, at REDCAT, Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theater The longer you gaze at the steep cliffs, the more you start to see shapes of women. Vintage footage of Soviet tanks gives way to […] Read more
night truck drive cover

Review: Night truck driver

Night truck driver, By Marcin Świetlicki Translated from Polish by Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese Poetry ISBN 9781938890802 128 pages  Bilingual: Polish and English on facing pages Zephyr Press Reviewed by Amanda L. Andrei The world drips. Caught in some kind of thaw, circling a winter on the verge of melting into a dream, or a dream solidifying […] Read more

Theo Angelopoulos – The Landmark UCLA Retrospective

Review by Malina Stefanovska In the Fall of 2022, the UCLA Film and Television Archive ran a complete retrospective of Theo Angelopoulos, a Greek film director and one of the most famous and beloved filmmakers of South East Europe. The full house of the Billy Wilder theater, the rapt attention of the audience during the […] Read more