concertMusic of the Balkans and South East Europe event on November 9, 2014 event was a big success thanks to the generosity of our gracious hosts, Mirit and Joseph Konowiecki, the wonderful performances of the Malolli Trio, and support from volunteers and friends. The concert was produced at no cost to SEEfest, and every dollar raised is going to support the festival programs next year. Want to add your contribution to our 10th anniversary edition in 2015? Just click on the DONATE button for our PayPal page. Every donation is tax deductible! And THANK YOU for supporting SEEfest! VIEW GALLERY ↦

The Final Round: Five Nominations for Best Foreign Language Film 2015

With three out of five films coming from Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the nominations underscore the growing relevance of our region’s filmmakers. The five nominees are: IDA (Poland), LEVIATHAN (Russia), TANGERINES (Estonia), and TIMBUKTU (Mauritania) and WILD TALES (Argentina). READ MORE ↦

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South East Europe and the Best Foreign Language Film 2015

Films from countries clustered in and around the region of South East Europe (SEE) represent 20 percent of all submissions for the Best Foreign Language Film! And if you add films from countries not from the same geographical region but which are thematically about it, such as the acclaimed Swedish entry last year (“Eat, sleep, die”), the SEE contingent is proportionally even bigger. READ MORE ↦