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Category: South East Europe Culture

small boat on the sea

Exploring The Adriatic Coast of South East Europe

Often considered among the most beautiful waters to see and swim in, the Adriatic Sea is an integral part of life in South East Europe, specifically in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Albania, and Italy, whose borders run along the Adriatic coast. One of the Adriatic coast’s striking features is the white stone which marks the ever-shifting […]

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wooden scoop with cornmeal

Cornmeal—Originated in the Americas, A Staple Ingredient Binds Many Cultures Together

Corn, or maize—its indigenous name, was first domesticated in the Americas around 10,000 years ago by indigenous people. Today, it is one of the topmost distributed food crops around the world—even more than that of wheat or rice—and has various purposes such as biofuel, animal feed, cornstarch, corn syrup, and raw-eco material. Now that we’ve […]

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Croatia Olive Tree

Olives of the Mediterranean

A field of olive trees. Meandering between the parcels of land are walls of loosely-stacked stones, dividing the trees among neighbors. From a high vantage point, the walls are hidden beneath the trees’ leaves, slim and dappled with sunlight, and in such abundance that they form a sea of their own in the field. The […]

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hand moving pieces on chessboard

South East Europe Loves Chess!

The super-successful Netflix show, The Queen’s Gambit, shone the spotlight on South East Europe’s long history of world-class chess. It’s no coincidence that many world-masters have emerged from SEE. Grandmaster is the highest title one can be awarded in chess, and former Yugoslavia is a region that birthed an unusual amount of them. This month […]

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rubiks cube

Inventor of the Rubik’s Cube Gets a Movie

A Rubik’s Cube movie and game show are set to be in the works. Learn about the creator and the story behind his famed invention that will soon be on the screen. The great inventor from South East Europe, Ernő Rubik is the Hungarian mastermind behind the beloved mechanical puzzle that has been sold more […]

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Česnica The Best Orthodox Christmas Bread

The Best Orthodox Christmas Bread – Recipe

Use this recipe to make Česnica During Orthodox Christmas on January 7th, many Serbian families prepare a traditional Christmas bread known as Česnica (ches-nee-tsa). It’s an egg-based bread similar to brioche. It’s fluffy on the inside with a shimmering and crunchy crust. A unique tradition is associated with Česnica. A coin is kneaded into the […]

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