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The Frontier Café – Conversation with Marek Šulík and Jana Belišová

The Interplay Between Music and Film

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This episode features Slovakian documentary filmmakers Marek Šulík and Jana Belišová. The host, Milan Zivkovic, and the duo discussed their works with Roma music, how film functions as a means of cultural diplomacy, and honest cinema depicting minority voices.

About the Guests

Marek Šulík (1974, Žilina, Slovakia), documentary filmmaker, editor and screenwriter, graduated from the Academy of Musical Arts in Bratislava in Dušan Hanák’s class. He often collaborates on films with non-profit organizations (Media 3, Návrat, IVO, Občan a demokracia, Žudro). In his work, he mainly focuses on social documentaries.

Filmography: Heavy Heart, Bells of Happiness, Cans of Time, I wanted to be a Mother, Cigarettes & Songs.

Jana Belišová, Ph.D. (1965), graduated in 1990 in the field of ethnology and musicology at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Presently she works at the Institute of Musicology of the SAS in Bratislava and is the director of CA Žudro. As an author and researcher she was involved in several projects dealing with Roma music such as Phurikane giľa 1and 2 (Ancient Roma Songs), Karačoňa (Roma Christmas Songs), Odi kaľi mačkica (Roma Children Songs), Neve giľa (New Roma Songs), AfterPhurikane (creative dialogue among Roma and non-Roma musicians and singers), Roma Christian Songs, Silalo panori / Cold Water are represented by anthologies of songs, CDs, DVDs, documentary films, concerts, articles and lectures.

Roma music was used by permission of Jana Belišová. We are grateful to her and the civil association Žudro, for sharing these beautiful musical gems with us and our audiences.


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